Aurora ™ Vision Studio

Powerful Simplicity for Complex Projects
Machine and computer vision engineers can use Aurora™ Vision Studio to quickly create, integrate, and monitor powerful machine vision applications. Advanced yet easy-to-use and hardware-agnostic, this industry-leading software provides an intuitive graphical environment for the creation of sophisticated vision  applications – without the need to write a single line of code.

Straightforward drag and drop functionality drives real-world vision applications that save time, cost, and operational resources. The mature technology behind this robust, rapid-to-develop functionality can be further enhanced by an impressive set of deep learning tools and capabilities, including optical character  recognition (OCR), to make an extensive range of complex industrial image analysis tasks unbelievably simple.

Makes Vision Applications Easier
Enhanced and optimized by machine vision experts for nearly 15 years, Aurora™ Vision Studio software is renowned for its ease of use – and the power it brings to all varieties of vision applications. Whatever customers want to capture, this software makes complex vision tasks (and their operators’ lives) so much easier

Comprehensive Adaptability
Aurora™ Vision Studio is one of the most powerful visual/graphical development environments available. Based on dataflow, it comes with a comprehensive set of over 1,000 proven and ready-to-use filters. This enables operators to design a customized solution quickly and easily – all based on a simple, three-step workflow

Hardware Agnostic with 3D Capabilities
Aurora™ Vision Studio software is hardware agnostic, so can be used with the vast majority of machine vision cameras available on the market, with out-of-the- box dedicated support for devices from all major manufacturers. 3D capabilities enable complex vision tasks and operators can also create custom user interfaces (HMI).

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Aurora ™ Vision Library

Complete Custom Programming Control
Designed for use by experienced programmers, Aurora™ Vision Library provides the same sophisticated functionality as our Aurora™ Vision Studio software but presented in programming language, rather than via a graphical user interface.

We recognize that many programmers who are highly proficient in vision applications and programming languages prefer to be able to build their own completely  customized code and integrations – so Aurora™ Vision Library allows them to do just that. As the ‘engine’ that powers our Aurora™ Vision Library software, it enables programmers to benefit from complete control over custom programming, so they can create an imaging application and bespoke user interface from  scratch.

Totally Customisable
Like its graphical-based sister product, our Aurora™ Vision Library software has been tried, tested, and fine-tuned by machine vision experts for nearly 15 years.  As a result, it’s optimized for use by expert programmers who are looking for total control over the fully customized vision application they design.

Save Time On Code Writing
Customers who install both Aurora™ Vision Library and Aurora™ Vision Studio can save time on code writing by instead using the graphical environment of  Studio to quickly create or prototype their machine vision applications. Aurora™ Vision Studio’s C++ code generator then allows the user to swiftly incorporate  their solution into programming projects.

Comprehensive Application Functionality
Aurora™ Vision Library offers over 1,000 functions for image analysis applications – from basic barcode reading to remote camera calibration, 3D measurement, and more. If programmers also install Aurora™ Vision Library, they can use that software to quickly generate C++ code automatically or create .NET microfilter interfaces.

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Aurora ™ Deep Learning

Breakthrough Technology for Machine Vision Applications
Zebra Aurora™ Deep Learning offers breakthrough technology for machine vision applications. Designed as an add-on product, it further enhances the already impressive outputs of Aurora™ Vision Studio and Aurora™ Vision Library software with a set of industrial-quality deep learning-based tools, including optical character recognition (OCR) and features & anomaly detection.
In Aurora™ Deep Learning, advanced deep learning capabilities recognize the way imaging is used in more unusual vision applications – and evolve accordingly.
Seven ready-to-use tools, which are trained with 20-50 sample images, can quickly be used to detect objects, defects or features automatically. Internally, this software uses large neural networks designed and optimized by our research team for use in industrial vision systems.

Learns from few samples
Typical applications require between 20 and 50 images for training. The more the better, but our software internally learns key characteristics from limited training set and then generates thousands of new artificial samples for effective training.

Works on GPU and CPU
A modern GPU is required for effective training. At production, you can use either GPU or CPU. GPU will typically be 3-10 times faster (with the exception of Object Classification which is equally fast on CPU).

The highest performance
Typical training time on a GPU is 5-15 minutes. Inference time varies depending on the tool and hardware between 5 and 100 ms per image.

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