Corona II Coaxial-Module


Coaxial Lighting

Two coaxial light modules are available for selecting the most suitable version for your application:

• Coaxial modules for dark field illumination

Getting high light intensity into deep object grooves:

Typical examples are automotive plug connectors with increasing pin counts and complexity. Many of them are equipped with very deep connector housings. With the new Chromasens coaxial module for dark  field illumination, it is now possible to bring directed light into the depth of the component, free of shadows without affecting the camera perspective.


• Coaxial modules for bright field illumination

Diffuse light for flat objects:

Bright field lighting systems are the first choice for applications with vertical viewing angle and with telecentric lenses. The coaxial bright field module from Chromasens is perfect for such applications and is available in length of up of 680 mm. Optional protection glasses are offered for use in dusty environments. The performance values of the Corona modules are fully maintained.

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