AZURE Photonics

AZURE Photonics Co., Ltd, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified leading worldwide manufacturer of customized optical components and optical assemblies.

With an innovative facility based in Fuzhou (China) since 2000 and global sales distribution and support at key global locations, AZURE utilizes advanced fabrication equipment and state of the art testing instrumentation and methods to turn concepts and prototypes into high quality cost effective solutions scaled up to serial production. Our experienced team of technical experts also offer optical and mechanical design services for assemblies from the very beginning of your project.

We produce a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom objective lenses working with area scan cameras/line scan cameras as well as OEM optics-lenses (spherical, cylindrical), mirrors, windows, filters, prism and beam splitters. Our products are widely used in factory automation, logistics automation, motion capture system, ITS (Intelligent Transport System), life science, biometrics and other high-tech industries.

AZURE is committed to deliver customers with Quality Products, On-time Delivery, competitive pricing and 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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