OPT Machine Vision Lenses

OPT is a machine vision components and software supplier for factory automation founding in 2006. It has quickly developed to become a leader in the machine vision industry. OPT’s products and solutions are reaching more than 20 countries and regions, with more than 30 branches and distributors worldwide, that serve more than 15000 customers.

OPT currently has more than 1770 employees, of which more than half are technicians. OPT products include vision system, light sources, industrial cameras, lenses, 3D laser sensors, barcode readers, etc.

The machine vision light sources consist of standard series and customized series with over 30000 customized designs and solutions.

The lenses include line scan lenses, fixed focal length lenses, zoom lenses, telecentric lenses, etc.

The barcode readers are composed of manually focusing series and automatically focusing series, applying encoding algorithm of deep learning to realize multi-core data processing for ultra high reading speed.

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