EoSens CoaXPress 2.0

All Mikrotron CoaXPress 2.0 cameras offer a scalable interface with the number of connections being switchable in a choice of 1, 2 or 4 links depending on the requirements of the application. In addition, all models are downward compatible with the original CoaXPress 1.x standard. Scalable connection speed ranges from CXP-3 to CXP-12.

Mikrotron’s EoSens® 1.1CXP2 and EoSens® 2.0CXP2 are the first CoaXPress 2.0 cameras in the celebrated EoSens® series and support the highest data rates up to 4x 12.5 Gbps (50 Gbit/s) in the 1-2 megapixel range or ROIs (Region of Interest).

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